to put how excited i am about this stupid costume into perspective for you, I have spent less money on this than any of my other costumes i’ve tried to make so far ( i’ve only shelled out about 8 bucks so far shit you now ) and I’ve accomplished more on it without having anything crap out on me and I am so excited about this, i may seem collected but jesus freaking granola i am so HAPPY. 

Spray foam adventures. And now I wait. 

I did it
i bought spray foam
hngngngngngngngngn but i’m afraid

And here we have said dowel fuckery. 
Started off by whittling away at the end with my box cutter, got lazy and turned to sandpaper, got lazier and went outside and started shaving it down on the sidewalk. There is no shame whatsoever, worked ten times as fast as hand sanding. 
Once it was thinner I ffilled the curvy tip of the sword with hot glue to strengthen it up, then filled the gap with MORE glue, and wedged the dowel in until it was nice and cemented, then drowned it in yet more hot glue until it wouldn’t move at all. Haven’t had a chance to fill in the middle but hoping to get something for that soon, not sure what I’m going to use but I shall see. 
And then we have what I’ve accomplished so far — a nice hitty block stick thing and some almost-finished masks! Totally did the frog eyes backwards but whatever, i like it this way. 

Part one of today’s sword adventures. Coming up: Dowel Fuckery. 

dear sweet christ on a bagel

Time to start sawing into this thing. 

hello new follower! <3<3

hello new follower! <3<3

And progress as of now from today. May get started on carving into the sword tonight; not sure. But the masks are coming along nicely! I used canvas and hot glue for the base and i have black fabric on the mask now as a backing though I can’t see worth a damn. 

Mostly what’s left is the coloring on Judge!Face, and the frog mouth. 

Shots from yesterday’s craft session with arsadia. Before, during the mess, and afterwads. That was after some cleanup too.